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Medical Support Department

Japan has doctors who possess the highest level of medical knowledge and medical technology.
The medical support department is arranged for these medical practitioners who have claimed global recognitionto carry out their medical practices.
Furthermore, we carry out demonstration that is needed for the planning of medical tourism and promoting the new medical equipment for countries who cannot afford advance medical technology from Japan and Singapore.

Department Operation

AMC as the headquarter, sends dispatch team from Japan medical team to expand globally. We also negotiate requirements of dispatch team, areas to set up medical treatment, etc. Singapore is the central medical center to treat liver and brain disorders and we are able to measure market development in Singapore as well as other countries (ASEAN, Middle East, Africa, China, others).
Furthermore, we also conduct demonstration surgery for newly developed medical equipment.

  Needs Services Provided by AMC
Local Doctorst
  • Provide the best medical services to disorders
  • Acquire the most advanced medical technology
  • Have dispatch team doctors who possess Have dispatch team doctors who possess advanced technology from Japan (including equipment)
Japanese Doctors
  • Develop Japanese medical technology globally
  • Maintain medical reward at international level
  • Interact with overseas doctors and hospitals to nurture talent
  • Support international development system
  • Make arrangement as a package of the medical tourism
  • Negotiate on doctors' rewards
  • Arrangement to deepen mutual understanding
  • Provide business function services
  • Cooperation of 3 Sections
  • AMC's Platform

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