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Singapore is bound with all kinds of infrastructure, acts as the hub for development, business and information.
It contains the best requirements to advance into countries in Asia and Singapore.
We act as an agent to provide on time information, conduct market research, company and product advancement into Singapore market.

In regards of product research and development, we have the support in terms of facilities and technology from organizations related to Singapore government. Hence, we are able to develop technology more efficiently compared to development carried out within Japan. It can be difficult to create a system, run implementation tests within Japan. We have allotted time to get approval of medical equipment and systems.

Medical equipment at the finishing stage and products that are ready to be sold will be based on targeted sales countries' rules, sales approval, and then we will support in developing the market route.

Department Operation

Duties of Medical Assistance Department

In order to make inroads into foreign markets, research/ development and marketing of equipment is very different. We create market development for forefront medical equipment and support its sales. At the early stage, we also handle sales of medical equipment that are already sold in Japan.
Please contact us for further details.

Singapore as a research development environment of facilities and support

We need to get approval of the forefront medical technology and devices handled in Singapore. Therefore, international recognition test needs to take place for devices in Singapore. We run test in particular to improve the products quality and support in the last stage of research development.

  Needs Services Provided by AMC
Widely Used Medical Equipment
  • Request to advance and expand small and medium-sized enterprises into foreign market
  • Provide information on System / regulation / market
  • Support necessary contract
  • Technology assessment
Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Request to perform clinical research,clinical test
  • Needs for Singapore and other Asia countries to expand their market
  • Request to perform clinical research,clinical test
  • Expand marke
  • Technology assessment
  • Cooperation of 3 Sections
  • AMC's Platform