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Asia Medical Center (AMC) is welcoming its 1st year since its officially startup in April 2012. The actual operation of our organization started in July last year. Despite this short period of time, I am so grateful to befriend with so many people and to gain their support to emerge into Asia (some part into Africa). All of these activities have made possible thanks to the enormous tangible and intangible support given by both countries, Singapore and Japan who acknowledge our work. We have received enormous support and understanding especially from people working at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research: A*STAR) Biomedical Research Council (BMRC), Biomedical Science Institute (BMSI), A*STAR-Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Neuroscience Research Partnership (NRP). Furthermore, I am greatly grateful to Japanese companies who have the same passion as us, medical practitioners from Singapore and Japan, lawyers and AMC supporters who continued to stand by AMC even when we hit rock bottom.

AMC is a certified organization in Singapore and serves as both NPO and private sector. In the private sector, we collaborate with other organizations to perform business activities. At AMC, we bring in medical equipment into Asia region along with professional doctors. Furthermore, in the beginning of May this year, we have started a department to develop medical equipment. My plan is to collaborate with organizations and research teams to develop medical equipment in the medical setting. We have learned a lot of things in accordance to the expansion of our business. We will continue to grow and strive to do our best.

I look forward to working with all of you. Thank you for your continuous support.

June 2013
President Miwako Ozaki

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